Lois Chizner
  If we all exclaim "Where can Lois be?"
  Most likely the answer is "She's at the A and C

Penny Pludo
  Penny with her double bubble
  Always manages to get in trouble

Karen Furman
  Karen Furman is of whom we are fond
  Especially since she became a blond

Bernice Moreno
  The race track is one of Bernice's peeves
  The costs due to that her boyfriend leaves

Andy Horowitz
  Andy's filled with special knacks
  She proves it by the way she stacks

Ellen Brown
  When it comes to cleaning she's not very neat
  But her singing in the bunk just can't be beat!

  We leave to:
Lois - a beautician's certificate
Ellen - a personal maid
Andy - a prince charming to sit at the opposite end of the table
Bernice - Who's #3??????
Karen - a smattering of her courage to the rest of the camp
Penny - her very own mirror


Inez Luxemberg
  Nez is always at S.L.S.
  We know why - Can you guess?

Arlene Reiser
  Arlene, Arlene if you are able
  1,2,count off at the table

Elayne Roselle
  Elayne, Elayne we'll light it in neon
  First it was Billy - now it's Leon

Linda Sovner
  Glasses, Glasses, where art thou
  Tweezers, tweezers, are you on my brow?

Ellen Schnitt
  Ellen, Ellen, to whine you are able
  Why must use it at the head of the table?

Roberta Siegel
  Roberta your memory will always carry
  The fateful summer you spent with Larry

Diane Satz
  The stage is your kideout so it's been stated
  Your appointment book is fully dated

Barbara Hirsh
  Sunburn, sunburn if you're there
  Please appear to match my hair

Sandy Kraus
  Sandy won't wake at all
  She likes to sleep to first call

Merle Braunstein
  Merle, Merle you're quite a dame
  Although you have a different name

Jacki Drimmer
  Jacki can't get through the day
  Without seeing her true love Jay