Ronnie Braunstein
  A sweeter girl than Ronnie is really hard to find
  But when it comes to diets - Oh just never mind

Barbara Flamm
  Amazing when inspection pounds, how Barbara Flamm will tire
  But on the fields or at swim
  She moves like wild fire

Nancy Wasserstrom
  Fast as Mercury, swings like Casey
  Greased lightning, that's her and more
  But Nancy please, I beg of you
  No peanuts on the floor

Ina Goldberg
 The Goldberg pharmacist came to Ranger
  Stocked with pills and nosedrops
  But not one sniffle stopped our Ina
  From making all around tops!

Susan Elfenbein
   Sue E's our comic, cute and bright
  At first like Popeye minus spinach
  Now after eating hard boiled eggs
  She's chocked with loads of dynamite

Estelle Lurie
  Volleyball now is Estelle's game
  After making the all star team
  But in what I think this girl excels
  Is dancing - she's just supreme

Susan Marek
  Straight hair is a pain for girls
  Always it is messing
  But for Sue Marek, blond straight sticks
  Would surely be a blessing!

Tina Zitman
  Diving, dancing, playing ball
  There's nothing she can't do
  Always on the go, this girl,
  Tina, I lof you!

Beverly Benefeld
  Bev came to camp, so sweet and kind 
  First try to dive and rifle
  Accomplished both this Ranger year
  Her goals are sure not trifle


Nina Cohen
  Nina only thinks she's pleasing
  If she's spent an hour teasing (her hair that is)

Carole Hochman
  If for Carole you want to wait
  You'd better plan on being late

Donna Sellinger
  Donna dear, I'd like to know
  Who the heck is "Dominoe"?

Rochelle Tanenblatt
  Now Rochelle is like the rest
  Since she passed her deep water test

Susan Strober
  I don't know why the heck
  Sue is called - poop deck

Susan Brody
  If Susan Brody had her choice
  She'd want to be willed a voice

Wendy Lustig
  If you want to see Wendy grin
  Ask her to play her violin

  We leave to:
Nina - an extra cubby
Carole - an alarm clock
Donna - rots - a - ruck
Rochelle - a private mirror
Susan S. - a psychology book
Susan B. - a blarney stone
Wendy - pistachio nuts