Linda Axelrod
  Linda A. is full of spunk
  Roundest and Rosiest in the bunk

B.I. Dorin
  Curly hair and bright of eye
  B.I. sure does make the boys sigh

Patti Yeckes
  Patti is a cute little teen
  Her girlish shape sure is keen

Barbara Rosenblatt
  Barbara R. has lots of style
  Her favorite love is to make people smile

Eileen Gordon
  Little Eileen looks quiet and shy
  But she is a devil without much try

Susan Katz
  Cute and cuddlily is our Sue
  Always laughing, never blue

Susan Malmet
  Devil or angel - It's hard to decide
  But her smile chooses the better side

Linda Fishelman
  She hits that ball just like a pro
  Sweet and nice, we all like her so

Barbara Silverman
  Her face is sweet and always gay
  But her curly hair just won't stay

Elaine Zimmerman
  Elaine is cute with a sophisticated air
  Believe us, there's nothing wrong with your hair

  We leave to:
Sue K. - a late dinner
Elaine - a new longer jacket
Patti - the senior privileges
B.I. - a best friend
Barbara S. - a fitting face
Barbara R. - a counselor that doesn't give dirty looks
Eileen - bunk night everynight
Sue M. - a couple of Champagne
Linda F. - Jonas
Linda A. - a stripped bed


Nadine Fishelman
  Soft spoken and soft skin
  That's Nadine going by
  To the canteen in the evening
  For a dance and a sigh

Renee Lichtman
  With the usual self-sufficiency
  Renee went about her task
  With coolness and proficiency
  She learned it's a waste to ask

Nancy Janoff
  At camp there are inconveniences
  Like not having a bedroom phone
  But our cute Nancy solved this problem
  By getting tons of mail from home

Ronnie Berkowitz
  Ronnie goes to Brother-Sister night
  But not to see her kin
  Those sparkling brown eyes and personality
  From not only Eddie gets a grin

Pat Satz
  With a hug and a grin
  With a prank and a joke
  With Tama as her twin
  Fond memories she'll evoke

Tama Topf
  Looking for a Coke bottle?
  Find a curly head
  She must be playing tennis
  'Cause that's Tama's butter and bread

Natalie Sandler
  Galloping along the Ranger trail
  Comes Natalie at full speed
  But comes back to the bunk for inspection Nat
  All the help we can get is what we need

  We leave to:
Natalie - a swim
Pat - an unbreakable back scratcher
Tama - a years supply of Coke bottles
Ronnie - a twin sister
Nancy - a phone for the bunk
Renee - a subscription to the N. Y. Times
Nadine - an I.D. bracelet