Lois Slatin
  Our Lois is strange - she sleeps with a bat
  Now what do you think of that?

Barbara Bennett
  Bobbi's talent sure shows
  She is bunk 12's twinkle toes

Vicki Merlis
  Vicki Merlis has a great, wide, grin
  During cleanups she will always pitch in

Sue Rothstein
  One of our favorites - Sue R. of course is
  She is happiest when around the horses

Michele Silverman
  Michele Silverman is always there
  But what happened to her beautiful red hair?

Ila Blum
  Nothing at Ranger can compare
  To Ila, her blue eyes and long blond hair

Lois Abrams
  On the field Lois A. is a treat
  She's bunk 12's prize athlete


The continuation of Bunk 13's Last Will
Lolie - a high ponytail
Sue - our sweatshirts
Muriel - a garden of roses coming up
Carol - a successful water trap
June - our other sweatshirts


Helen Fox
  A favorite Helen Fox would be
  If she wouldn't say "Don't always yell at me" OR "One little, two little, three little butter krunchies"

June Poster
  We boast of June Post (er)
  In bunk 13 she's the most (er)
  "When I'm tired and I can't sleep
  I count my marshmallows and then I weep"

Lolie Fromm
  Lolie, Lolie, quite contrary
  Don't you wish your name were Mary?
  "It's T.T.T.!"

Marilyn Cohen
  Marilyn stirs her imagination
  To dream up new ways of procrastination

  I dug you dig
  I dig you Doug
  But I want Pete most of all

Sue Greenberg
  We cannot wait until tomorrow
  To see what Susan wants to borrow
  "Sweatshirts are a girls best friend"

Muriel Gordon
  At night around the bunk she tredgies
  Muriel in lovely golden wedgies

  "And the heels go umdeadadada clop clop clop clop"

Carol King
  With Carol King we n're must fight
  When it comes to appetite

  "You take tomatoes and I'll take everything else on the table"

  We leave to:
To all of bunk 13 - David Lapidus, Al Vogel and Pete & a boy in bunk 16
Marilyn Cohen - a boyfriend in the right boys bunk
Helen - butter krunch to last throughout her camping days