Arlene Putterman
  Arlene Putterman - a pride and joy
  Hooked on to her group leader's boy

Gerri Weisbrot
  We thought we had a camper
  But we really don't at all
  She's gone from us
  At each infirmary call

Debbie Ludsin
  Debbie Ludsin has a brother
  So have many thus discovered
  Patti Yeckes has a brother
  This our Debbie has discovered

Ruth Feldman
  Ruthie, Ruthie, strong and able
  Try to keep the food upon the table

Barbara Lichtman
  Barbara Lichtman must take cover
  When she visits her Big Brother????

Janet Katz
  A boy at Camp Ranger stole Janet's heart
  But on prom night they weren't apart

Eileen Habib
  Jacks be nimble
  Jacks be quick
  Eileen - why don't you switch to pick up sticks?

  We leave to:
Arlene - Mickey Mantle
Gerri - a pair of roller skates
Debbie - a years supply of pistachio nuts and a pair of gloves
Ruth - a portable tether ball
Barbara - her sister in an adjoining bunk
Janet - a glass of blood
Eileen - the house that Jack built


Terri Hoffman
  Big brown eyes, charming, sweet
  Terri as an athlete can be beat

Meryl Glanell
  Always smiling - personality's swell
  Can't you guess?  It's Meryl Glanell

Sue Falk
  Sue Falk's peppy, spirited, always gay
  She's all around in every way

Marian Breitbart
  Short brown hair, eyes that gleam
  A finer girl can not be seen

Susan Kaplan
  Always neat the whole day through
  What's your secret Susie Q???

Dale Platzner
  Tall, slender, pretty ponytail
  Sweet as candy, that's our Dale

Lori Robbins
  Lori Robbins, cute and sweet
  Knocks those little boys off their feet

  We leave to:
Terri - a punching bag
Meryl - a good housekeeping award
Lori - hair curler
Susan K. - a private room in the infirmary
Susan F. - a glass of water
Dale - a beautician's license
Marian - a bicycle