Dara Rosenblatt
Dara, Dara, slow and lazy
But how she drives those little boys crazy

Marilyn Ehrenshaft
Marilyn with her eyes so bright
Is always smiling, day and night

Jill Braunstein
Full of pep and spirit too
There's a girl that's never blue

Roberta Zitman
Here's a swimmer through an through
And oh what those little dimples can do

June Tanenblatt
June with her smiling face
Adds glee to any place

Joanne Fox
Joanne's a girl who's cute and shy
She's the apple of every boy's eye

Robin Weinberg
She's as busy as a bee
Curly hair is her specialty

We leave to:
Dara - "more time"
June - a book on "A Thousand Faces"
Jill - a day's rest
Roberta - short shorts for the winter
Marilyn - a free pass to the infirmary
Joanne - a neat bed
Robin - a Tony Home Permanent to curl her hair


Phyllis Lazaroff
Phyllis Lazaroff is her name
Tetherball is her favorite game
"Why not play tetherball all the time?
It's better than sweeping - so what's the crime!"

Marla Schaeffer
Marla Schaeffer's quite a gal
Always a friend, always a pal
Full of vigor, full of vim
First one down to general swim

Carol Fishelman
Carol is a lovely girl
Never makes a peep
But oh the giggles, wiggles and sighs
When she's sound asleep

Jane King
Jane King is very polite
She always says "Please"
Especially when she asks for a tissue
'Cause she's gonna sneeze

Nancy Kaplan
Nancy Kaplan loves her hair set
She'd like a headful of curls
Now we know why brother Paulie sings
"Thank Heaven for Little Girls"

Ann Tanenblatt
We have a munchkin in our bunk
She's cute as a button you see
Always a giggle, always a smile
That's our lovable Annie

We leave to:
Phyllis - starmerit and riding pants
Ann - a First Aid Kit with plenty of band-aids
Marla - the other half a glass of milk
Jane - years supply of tissues
Carol - giggle pills
Nancy - someone to set her hair everynight