Mike Grossfeld- Other summers like this one
Mark Menchin- A season pass to the Los Angeles Coliseum
Howie Kramer- Adrenaline (10cc of)
Jeff Bloom- A Multi Cyclic amplified, high fidelity stereo condensed noise maker
Fred Fox- A ticket to California

Bunk 19

We leave to:
Leon Greensied- A night course in physical fitness
Randy Robbins- A griping book
Billy Savitt- A free passport to Canada and a years supply of Candy Land Games free
Dick Putterman- An I.D. bracelet for Jackie Drimer
Ronnie Reiser- The entire Dell Publishing Co. for his reading pleasure
Barry Weiner- How to lead a raid on Ma-Ho-Ge
Donnie Einson- A date with Big Mabell
Normie Fishelman- The Flash's secret so he can move a little faster
Ronnie Gluck- A counselor who will not smoke at the dinner table
Ira Leibowitz- A leading part on Broadway in the near future

Office Boys

We leave to:

Steve Honig- Kagan's slippers
Steve Hayman- Bats
Sandy Berman- Jane Kaplan
Billy Pall- A bed
Bob Kagan- "How much are these worth in five years?"
John Hess- A bottle of acid
Bruce Gitlin- A haircut
Larry Klepner- A smile
Ira Horowitz- Dear John
Steve Platzner- Go-carts
Al Champagne- Steve Honig

Waiter's Last Will and Testament

Barry Tumin-We leave a part in next year's big show
Bob Greenspan- We leave one plastic bed cover
Chuck Edelman- We leave one pair of French underwear
Richie Helfont- we leave Wonder bread
Steve Parnes-An automatic fight starter and a getaway car
Joel Teplitz- We leave a fix
Bob Young- His own after shower lotion
Manny Hadler- A dictionary
Eddie Schnitt- We leave Joy Kaufman, Joan Gershen, Marlene Hammer and maybe Margie
Ira Ellman- Two Elmowe leave twinkle toes
Mike Hecht- A stomach pump
Mel Diamond- A younger girl
Steve Tobin- A deck of cards
Pete Schwartz- We leave Pete Schwartz
Lenny Guedalia- We leave waiters who stack
Mike Schoenberg -A cap of Bromo Seltzer for all that fancy food
Bob Sovner- An intelligent proper companion
Larry Schnitt- A new car with four good tires
Billy Solomon- We leave the station
Dave Goldberg- A good night's sleep
Eddie Kanter- We leave the Track

Cit's Last Will and Testament

Sue Hittleman-The record "Danny Boy"
Suzie Friedman- An opportunity to go out of camp at night
Margie Shaw- A wardrobe of her own
Babs Janoff- An extended curfew and a Watch!
Carol Bennett- A place of her own
Gail Tanenblatt- A seat at the head of the table
Marlene Hammer- Another summer of platonic friendships
Fran Berks- An older boy
Carol and Babs- A flashlight, a box of no doz-a letter-a Trip
Natalie Fial- (Natty)