Bunk 12 Last Will and Testament

We leave:
To Alan Glazer a daily shot of adrenaline
To John Wittenberg, Jack Rossinsky
To Jeff Kaiser a box of counselor proof candy
To Greg Ruskin a life time subscription to Dell Comics
To Jack Rossinsky we leave.

Bunk 13

Mike Fishelman
Always a joy and never a hamper Michael is truly our super camper

Steve Mait
Top man in the bunk, on the ball field he's great- With us Steve surely does rate

Steve Champagne
Pep and humor his fee on the ground you will always know when Bubbles is around

Steve Yeckes
Goodlooking in short hair in long hair he's swell. Good camper, good athlete is Steve as well

Steve Lazaroff
Steven tried to do his best, from intermediate water to his half lake test

Bunk 14- Last Will and Testament

Louis Picon- An "everyday" smile
Michael Goldstein- the latest "Pre-Primer reader"
Neil Goldstein- A Planters Peanut Plantation
Richie Smallman- A pair of ear muffs
Larry Fox- A Pre-Reveille alarm clock
Marc Chernoff- Ten Free swim lessons with Harp Marx
Steve Tumin- His brother for a waiter

Bunk 15 Last Will and Testament

We leave:
To Buddy Kurzweil- A Larry Lazar doll
To Bob Levine-An automatic exercising marchin
To Jeff Axelrod- Bobby Gordon
To Bobby Gordon- a new pin-ball machine
To Barry Powers- His own "Moose head"
To Andy Steele- A new microphone
To Doug Black- an automatic hand washer

Bunk 16

We leave:
Bob Kahn- A "super" bed
Harlan Ellis- A rain making machine
David Lapidus- Emmett Kelly's entire wardrobe
Bob Feldman- His very own Ranger Cup
David Peller- A camera that works
Ronnie Pross- His very own shower clogs

Bunk 17

We leave:
Harry Shaw- And easy chair and a lozenge George
Jerry Olinick- The (UN) Retarded Boston Crab
Charles Bengloff- Some Licorice- Churles?????
Phil Dorin- 4000 camps without reveille
Peter Dodge- A sport he can't master, if possible- & Canada
Mitch Mazin- Goodman Baseball
The Bunk- Laughing boy

Bunk 18

We leave:
Richard Halper- that other 2%
Steve Ludsin- He's got "Yeck" so what the heck
Tom Wachtell- A twisting hocky stick
Mel Goodman -A years supply of "SEGGIE"
Burt Seifman- A comb and a crew cut