Bunk 10

Manny Bloom
As a camper Manny is really a Keenie- If you ever want to find him just ask Scenie

Jeffrey Cohen
Jeff is big and Jeff is tall - How Jeff loves to play some ball

Steve Tucker
It all the golf balls and clubs were across the lake- were good swimmer the Tuck would make

Richard Peller
The cowboy of the bunk is Rick- He rides 'em, ropes 'em and brands 'em quick

Louis Schreier
Louis will be quite a man- Right now his ambition is to be a HAM

Howard Ehrenshaft
Laughter, giggle, mischief- never a frown- And his head is never down

Gary Sohlbach
The ball player of the bunk, on the field he's got the spunk

Last Will and Testament

Gary Sohlbach- we leave a terry cloth robe
Howie Ehrenshaft- $15 worth of candy and a pair of boxing gloves
Ricky Peller- a pair of spurs and a horse
Louis Schreier- A HAM and a can of RAID
Manny Bloom- Scenie and an easel
Jeffy Cohen- A blond haired girl
Steve Tucker- A PGA championship and 300 flies

Bunk 11

Ronnie Vogel
Ronnie is sometimes very daffy. Especially when he eats salt water taffy

Richard Hammer
Because Richard is so well behaved by the counselors he is craved

Michael Markel
Mike is really swell- I guess he will always ring a bell

David Kessler
David always combs his hair though there's hardly anything there

Jimmy Weissman
Jimmy is our boy, and to his counselors is a real joy

Howard Kerner
Howie couldn't before now in the water he does score

Bunk 12

Boys bunk 12 is mighty fine-even when it's put to rhyme.

First there's Jackie, big and loud His athletic skill would make anyone proud.

Then there's Gary, the fuzzy sort, who is really quite an excellent sport.

Speedy Alan is first asleep and last the next morning from his bed to creep.

Then there's Greg who likes days off for reading comics in his favorite sport.

As for Johnny, will not turn our head to the smile he emits while making his bed.