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This summer Camp Ranger was fortunate enough to acquire a trampoline. Trampolining, also known as rebound- tumbling, is a recent popular fad that has spread from Los Angeles to the east coast, in the past few years.

Campers ranging from six to sixteen keep the tramp in use almost every hour of the day. Many campers have progressed from basic maneuvers to more difficult stunts.

During the carnival a trampoline exhibition highlighted the events with a large audience of parents and campers. The program consisted of a comedy act by Freshman Kenny Gelb and stunts performed by Sophs Manny Bloom, Steve Scolnick, Juniors Steves Yeckes and Rich Smallman, Inters Dave Peller, Harlan Ellis, and Barry Powers, and Seniors Steve Haymon, Steve Lipman, and Johnny Kotcher. Highlights of the show were a progression of forward flips by Barry Powers and back flips by Johnny Kotcher.

Now that the summer is at a close it can be said with assurance that campers and counselors alike have enjoyed the wonderful new sport of trampolining and that it will remain a major athletic activity at Ranger for many years to come.

Mike & Steve



At most any time during the camp season a staccato of shots may be heard emanating from Rangers rifle range. Closer investigation would reveal the keen eyes of Camp Ranger's sharpshooters glued to the sights in anticipation of achieving a bullseye. Throughout the season these "rifle men" (it should be corrected to include the numerous girls who also took part in the program) learned how to shoot in the prone, sitting, kneeling and standing positions.

Interest was strengthened by Competition to achieve NRA awards. Highlighted by two exciting rifle matches during Red and Gray, the 1960 season proved to be both educational and enjoyable for many shooting enthusiasts.

Mike Ury


Horseback riding was extremely successful at Ranger this season. Many campers participated, and we had the good fortune of having four well trained riding horses.

Our riding program consisted of many different activities. Town rides were taken by advanced riders. After breakfast they rode to Kauneonga, stopped off for a soda at Newmans, and returned before lunch. There were also trail rides to Kenoza Lake, which is about ten miles from camp.

I hope that next year is as wonderful one for horseback riding.

Sam Perlow