Camp Ranger's 1960 Tennis Tournament turned out to be quite a success. Contrary to tennis tournaments of previous years which had an elimination type of system, this year's enabled girls to "challenge" and play as many games as time allowed. In this manner more girls could participate and play more games than if they had been eliminated. More times than not, one could hear the cry, "I challenge you" echoing on the campus.

The object of the new tournament was to reach the highest line on a pyramid shaped board. Each time a girl played another on a higher line than she, and she won, the winner moved up a line and the loser moved down one.

The winner of the Teener tournament was Merri Becker. Babz Janoff claimed the Senior championship. Both girls played beautifully as well as all girls who played against them.

The senior runner-ups were: Finals Hedia Delit and Semi-finals Ellen Genat and Joan Gershon.

Siste Nicoll

The Pyramid


The tennis program at Ranger this year stressed the basics of the game: proper stroking of the racket and correct grips and service. Many youngsters who had never played before began to take an interest in the game, while those who had already played received advanced instruction. Two tournaments, a ladder and a cup competition were conducted. The winners of the ladders were Robert Berkowitz (Senior Division), Peter Dodge (Lower Seniors), and Doug Black (Inters). This tournament lasted for three weeks.

The Ranger cup competition involved Seniors, Lower Seniors and Inters, divided into eighteen teams with captains choosing their other three men. Each team adopted the name of a country. This tournament, which was single elimination was finally won by N. Viet Nam.

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The Ranger Cup