Ranger boxers opened the season with six big bouts scheduled for Sunday July 10th. Each division sent one match to the garden with the large Senior group sending two. The entire camp waited in eager anticipation for the appearance of the competitors. The officials for the matches were the best that the Ranger Athletic Commission could find. As seconds there were two ex-fighters, Steve Goodman and steve Weiss, Mark Levy refereed the bouts, Phil Mokitz was in charge of the judges, Norm Walter clocked all the rounds and Jack Brownstein announced all the bouts.

The first bout saw Richie "the Mauler" Marks fight Richie "the Gorilla" Gilbert. These two youngsters, both coming up in the fighting ranks, fought three rounds to a draw. The second attraction of the evening pitted Jerry "The Jolter" Weinstein against Mike "The Murderer" Fischelman. Both fighters rose to the occasion and the fight was also a close draw. Stan "The Killer" Keller met Steve "Larrupin" Ludsin in the next event. It was a real tough one which "The Killer" just eked out. The fourth bout engaged Larry "The Moose" Langer and Foxy Fox. The Fox danced around the devastating blows of the Moose for three rounds but unfortunately couldn't avoid all of them. Larry won and Freddy went into training for the next one. In one of the feature bouts of the evening Johnny "The Dancer" Hess fought Ralph "The Beatnik" Kahmi. "The Dancer" pecked away at Ralph throughout the entire fight and won a close one on points. The second main bout involving "Horrible" Horowitz and "Block Buster" Berman was called off by the Boxing Commission's Irwin Tobin because of a suspected fix.

The evening was an enjoyable one for all Rangerites, and at the close the famous cry of "wait until next year" was distinctly heard from the crowd.

Back Jownstein


Tuesday night, August 23 was prom night at Camp Ranger. On that evening, Rangerites from the youngest freshmen to the oldest seniors donned their pretty clothes.

The Inter girls and Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior boys danced under the Hawaiian Moon in the redecorated boys' rec hall.

The theme of the Deb girls' and the Lower Senior boys' Prom was the fabulous Fifty. Each camper was given a place card which represented one of the fifty states in the union.

The girls' rec hall was converted into Gay Paris, complete with Eiffel Tower, sidewalk cafe, and can-can girls. The Teener girls and Senior boys added their own gaiety to their beautiful surroundings.

Blue Moon was the theme of the Senior prom. The moon's beams added the finishing touch to our beautiful senior girls.

It was truly a night to remember for all concerned.