Tribal War

Not only do we have gold in Camp Ranger but four Indian tribes as well. Tribal was occurs weekly, each tribe competing for enough points to be entitled to the watermelon at the end of the season. Each tribe's versatility is measured through sings, talking contests, bubble blowing contests, spelling downs, anagrams, charades and many other enjoyable games.

Fredi Grossman

Watermelon League

A familiar activity on Thursday nights on boys camp was Watermelon League. The camp was divided into two leagues; the Big League, consisted of six teams, and the Little League had four. The upper campus teams competed in both volleyball and softball, this de-emphasizing baseball. Victorious with an amazing six wins and no losses were the Braves. The only team which threatened the Braves' lead was the Athletics with five wins and one loss.

In the Little League competition took the form of softball and punchball games. Punchball was especially exciting. Scores like 15-12 were not uncommon because a number of players could hit home runs by belting the ball over bunks 15 and 16. The winning team was the Apaches.

Watermelon League

Intercamp Games

Anyone near the big diamond at Camp Ranger on the morning of July 25 could witness a peaceful scene. Thirty eight senior boys were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Camp Raleigh, their guests for the day. During the course of this day the two camps were to clash in volleyball, softball, tennis, and basketball.

The competition got off to a thrilling start with the basketball game. Ranger, led by Lenny Guedalia and Bob Berkowitz, was not able to upset the aggressive Raleigh Squad.

In the afternoon the boys' volleyball game took place. The Ranger girls, meanwhile, were winning their volleyball and softball games. Back on the male side, a tremendous game was played. After taking the opening game, the Raleigh spikers took an overwhelming lead in the next. But overpowering play sparked by Joe Gross brought the Rangerites to victory in this and the third game. Later in the day the hosts found themselves losing baseball, 3-1 despite a last inning rally and a wonderful pitching performance by Sandy Berman. When all competition was completed, the players shook hands. The following week Ranger made a victorious showing at Raleigh winning both.

Ira Leibowitz

Intercamp Games