Boys Counselors

Mike Zosimo a ton of Tide for his laundromats
Norm Weiss campers who can sweep for themselves
Joel Berkowitz a pre-recorded tape of various shouts to get the campers quiet
Mark Poster a book entitled "How to Play Basketball and Come Out Unscratched"
Mark Morgenstern Sandy Kamhi and a full time music page turning job
Jess Tepper weightless and invisible shoes so he could be nature boy without hurting himself
Mark Levey at least one of the blond Syracutie's
Art Schwartz a haircut
Barry Forman non-platonic relationships with girls next summer
Steve Weiss a punctual girlfriend and a year round pass to the Hillcrest
Steve Krasnor a T shirt which automatically tucks itself in
Mike Levine a group leaders manual with tips and hints
Ray Walker socials pre-planned for him
Al Pinsky clean tonsils throughout the year
Jerry Schultz a nature achievement pin in biology and a portable fluorescent
Harvey Taub a year round scholarship to Kurzweil Tech
Steve Goodman a chairmanship of a Phys. Ed dept. in september in Buffalo
Gary Stern the Super-Campership award
Mike Ury his own speedboat and water-skis
Jack Brownstein food in every bunk he inspects
Joel Nadel helicopter service to Camp Delanore
Jack Beyer a pishka for all those quarters and a map showing the roads between the camp and Liberty
Jerry Luxenberg maps of the indian trails to ge-wa-na and Ma-Ho-Ge
Mike Wachtell nothing - he knows it all
Barry Silverstein just one conventional girlfriend
Tom Pope Steve Honig and a decent back seat
Phil Moscowitz a head coaches job during red and gray next year and a three bunk group
Mike Brod a pin eradicator and a hew "Hornet"
Matt Schlansky a job on Broadway and a winner at the track
Barry Kaplan a "group leaders" job
Norm Walter if he wants to find out what we leave him-let him SEE ME before he checks out
Leo Springer a PA and vacuum cleaner in the craft shop and boys who know when wood has been sanded enough
Irwin Tobin nothing now that he's got his own radio to get weather reports in the morning
Aunt Carol a camp full of boys who drink white milk and need no substitutes

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