Arnie Graf
We leave the Good Guy anything his good little heart desires

Mike Greenspan
A one way ticket to White Plains

Bob Sovner
A wall-to-wall mirror so he can look at himself all day

Dave Goldberg
A silver soup cup autographed by Aunt Ruth

Mike Schonberg
We leave M.S. an automatic dishstucker

Gary Sundick
1,000,000 unsolved math problems

Bob Sundick
A C.I.T. voodoo doll

Roy Sunick
We leave Gary and Bob

Barry Melnick
An alarm clock

Richie Abrams
for R.A. we keep the shower running all day

Rickie Berger
10 lessons on "How To Play Tennis" by Larry Schnitt

Joel Hammer
A year's vacation on a farm

Alan Rosell
We leave a sense of humor

Dave Cohen
Diplomatic immunity in waiter's bunk 33

Eddie Kanter
Jake the "Salesman of the Year" award

Bob Lustig
A can of bug spray, two moths, and a dissection kit

To Waiters Bunk 1
We leave loads and loads of sandpaper

To Waiters Bunk 11
We leave Gregory and Teddy

To Waiters Bunk 111
We leave a permanent arbitrator

To all the guest waiters
(Stu Goldberg, Larry Schnitt, Billy Solomon, Alan Gluck)
We leave a dinner bell for the women