Boys Whos Who
Peter Dodge
Peter Dodge is a ballplayer's fancy
At the socials watch for he and nancy

Tommy Hess
Tommy Hess may be small in size,
But watch him when he rolls those big brown eyes.

Harry Shaw
At the table just watch Harry Shaw
And you'll be sure he'll ask for more.

Charles Bengloff
Charlie Bengloff loves to read
In the bunk we watch his speed.

Larry Langer
Larry Langer a jolly good fellow
But when he gets mad watch him bellow.

Phil Dorin
Phil Dorin a diplomat will be
He'll persuade both you and me.

Alan Goldberg

Al Goldberg is never one to ask where or which
But one thing is sure, he loves to pitch.

Burt Seifman
Although B. Seifman is not too tall
Boy oh boy can he hit that ball.

Fred Fox
Fred Fox came to camp with a pompadore
But after the fourth week his suave hair was no more.

Tom Wachtell
Tom W. one can say
Is all around in every way.

Lester Dennis
Les Dennis is such a good sort
And wow, can he play ball on the basketball court.

Mike Grossfeld
Mike G. is quite the camper
On the opposing team he puts a damper.

Mel Goodman
Mel G. with the bunk is always a hit
Because he has such a natural wit.

Steve Lipman

A kookie comb.

Richie Spellman
A red cap.

Ronnie Gluck
A good-guy award.

Bob Black
A pep pill.

Dennis Bobker
Freckle remover.

Jeff Rosen
Sleeping pills.

Dick Putterman
A strongbox for his candy.

Ira Liebowitz

Pulitzer prize.

John Ketcher
A teener group of his own.

Richie Cohen
A duck.

Billy Savitt
A movie at Radio City.

Randy Robins
An innocent look.

Ronnie Reiser
Billy Savitt.

Barry Weiner
A place in the Top Ten List.