Boys Whos Who
Richie Smallman
Rich is handy with bat and glove,
Eating hamburgers he does love.

Steve Tumin
At all sports he does excel,
We all think "The Tume" is swell.

Marc Chernoff
Marc swims as if he were a fish,
To be water instructor is his wish.

Bunk 11
Bob Levine

Comic book Bob, forever reading
To take him away takes alot of pleading.

Steve Ludsin
Lover boy Ludsin is never around,
With the girls he is forever found

Barry Powers
Pitcher Powers from the mound,
Clobbers batters every round.

Andy Steele
Andy has a voice of Steel,
Which even makes the sailboat heel.

Buddy Kurgweel
Baseball Buddy stays his sport,
Even if it were on the tennis court.

Stan Keller
Fisherman Stan best of the Kellers,
Never was a finer fella.

Doug Black
Doug Black has found the key,
that masters the sport of waterski.

Steve Lipsky
Scientist Steve who studies flight,
Soon will man our satellites.


Bob Werner
Laughter, giggles, mischief,
Or a frown,
Every bunk needs one clown.

Jerry Grossman
Jerry, Jerry is so tall,
And he can sure play basketball.

Jeff Bloom
In A & C he can make any dish,
While in the water he sure can fish.

Dave Peller
Clothes on the floor, uncombed hair,
But never the less he does his share.

Dave Lapidus
Behind the scenes, or in the play,
Dave is sure to do it in the very best way.

Harlan Ellis
On the field, or in a race,
Harlan always sets the pace.

Jerry Olinick

Jerry lives for the night,
For with the girls he's such a sight

Mickey Lipman
When Mickey, the athlete, steps up to the plate, there's never an error
On his slate.

Mike Schwartz
Mike S. is the boy for sure,
When it comes to baseball,
He's back for more.

Ronnie Pross
Ronnie P. considers himself a wit,
With the girls he could be quite a hit.

Bobby Feldman
Frogs, snakes, fish, and Jerry S.
Will lead Bobby F. to Metamorphosis.

Bobby Kahn
Bobby's nicknamed Kubla Kahn,
But in the water he is really gone.