Boys Whos Who
Richard Peller
Richard Peller is quite neat
Having him in the bunk is quite a treat.

Manny Bloom
Manny Bloom is awfully swell
He does everything very well.

Gary Stolbach
Gary Stolbach is always in a good mood
Especially when he has plenty of food.

Jeffrey Cohen
Jeffrey Cohen is quite a kid
His great big smile is rarely hid.

Steve Yarnell
Steve Yarnell is our boy
Always full of pep and joy.

Steve Scolnick
Steve Scolnick--a mischievous boy
Brings his counselors lots of joy.

Bunk 8
Alan Glaser

Of Alan Glaser we must say he's so much fun in every way
As long as you don't flip him.

Jeff Kaiser
In Jeff Kaiser there is much love
For flipping cards and his baseball glove.

John Wittenberg
And of John W. let us say,
When he's eating--out of his way.

Jack Rossinsky
In sports Jack R. can't be beat
Because he is the bank's athlete

Greg Ruskin
Who in the theater is bunk 8's star?
Why it's Tyrone Ruskin known as Gregory R.

Marc Miller
Marc Yogi Miller is always gay
And he behaves in every way.

Gary Mueller
And on Gary M. we shall end
To everyone he is a friend.

Bunk 9
Jimmy Scolnick
Jimmy Scolnick is as friendly as can be
And he has a huge menagerie.

Mike Chizner
In dramatics he is a whiz
He goes by the name of Michael Chiz.

Jerry Weinstein
In our bunk there is none cuter
Than our favorite little Budda.

Steve Mait
In athletics some boys are great
One of them is Steve Mait.

Steve Champagne
His funny laugh, just guess his name
It is our boy, Steve Champagne.

Michael Fishelman
Michael Fishelman no one will deny
Is a natural swimmer as his name will imply.

Steve Yeckes
There is a boy in the bunk named Stevie Y
He gives us more fun as the days go by.

Bunk 10
Neil Goldstein

A winning smile and athletic zeal
Are characteristics of our boy Neil.

Mike Goldstein
With a smile always on his lips
Mike is famous for his quips.

Bob Jampol
In the bunk Bob is quiet
But on the athletic field he's like a riot.

Larry Fox
Larry shoots with the greatest of ease,
And with the foil he does please.