Boys Whos Who
Bunk 4
Kenny Gelb

We have no Kenny in our bunk
Just seven campers and one chipmunk.

Evan Tobin
When Brownstein comes Evan starts to stamp
And his crying "it hoits" is heard around the camp.

Andy Domenitz
And swims and plays baseball well
And in the bunk he is also swell.

Steve Fox
Always a giggle, always a smile
Having fun all the while.

Richy Bengloff
Richie came to camp to have some fun
He is going home with the job well done.

Larry Kaiser
Larry is slim, Larry is tall
He loves all sports, especially baseball.

Norman Savitt
Normie's easy to find, you know what I mean
Just look for the boy who should be Mr. Clean.

Elliot Zolt
He moves as quickly as a lightning bolt
That's our boy, Elliot Zolt.

Bunk 5
Gregory Dodge

On the diamond you'll find Greg
Besides good hitting, he's got quite a peg.

Ed Chernoff
Ed Chernoff who is quite a swimmer
Also plays ball and is quite a winner.

Richard Hammer
Arts and Crafts is for Richard Hammer
When working there he makes quite a clamor.

Richard Emont
When you know that food is near
Ricky Emont will start to cheer.

Steve Horowitz
When you hear a piano play
Steve Horowitz is on the way.

Edwin Kagan
Edwin Kagan is a boy
Who to his counselors is a joy.

Mike Gelb
Mike Gelb, monster by name
Out in the field will get his fame.

Bunk 6
Richard Gelber

To keep the bunk spotlessly clean
Is Ricky Gelber's favorite dream.

Bobby Mait
Bobby Mait plays with style
Watch him belt that ball a country mile.

Paul Perlstein
Paul is really a counselor's dream
He keeps himself and clothes so clean.

Richard Marks
When Richie hits that ball it soars
The earth trembles with almighty roars.

Eddie Berkowitz
Eddie B. is like a fish
He glides through the water swish, swish

Sandy Kamhi
Sandy has a love for deli
But you can't keep him away from his genuine jelly.

Bunk 7
Mark Aaron

Mark Aaron so quiet yet so cheerful
Of music and art can give quite an earful.

Louis Schrier
All is quiet, the night is deep
When Louis S. is fast asleep.