Girls Whos Who
Nancy Gittleson
Nancy Gittleson is never mean-
Cause she's contented with Richy and the trampoline.

Susan Hittleman

A great friend and archer too
Scuttle talks the whole day through.

Leslie Mondshein
Although he isn't often here
Leslie's faithful, never fear.

Babz Janoff
Babz loves little animals- especially chipmunks.

Fredi Grossman
Which one will it be?
Which one will it be?
It gets so boring with just one of me.

Gail Tanenblatt
Lots of pep, full of fun
Gail is loved by everyone.

Carol Bennett
Just like light made famous by Edison
Carol's cough made famous medicine.

Natalie Fial
I like Bonnie. She's nice. She's a doll. D..O..L..L.

Marlene Hammer
Marlene likes to sit and rave
About the fun she's had with Dave.

Joan Chizner

The luck of the Irish

Ellen Cohen
A leprechaun aunt to serve her...pills

Winkie Frankel
FAITH, hope and charity

Elaine Horowitz
A horse and an instructor to go with it.

Sandy Lorber
A dreamboat not a sailboat

Sue Lorber
An all season pass to the guest waterfront.

Judy Reiser
A bit of linament for her stiff neck.

Reina Kamhi
Best wishes to our next "Ranger couple."

And last but certainly not least...

Nancy Krugler
Speedy, snappy smily, gay,
Nancy's first (?) in every way.

Sue Strober
Level-headed she's everyone's pal
She's really a terrific pal.

Donna Sellinger
Donna is a softball ace
In every endeavor she reaches first base.

Wendy Lustig
Wendy likes fun and noise
Especially when it involves boys.