Girls Whos Who
Susan Hoffman
Washing, washing all day long
That's Susan Hoffmans song.

Lois Chizner
Lois loves to go swimming,
And she is always grinning.


Ellen Schnitt
She's as cute as a button and she has made a hit,
That's right we're talking about Ellen Schnitt.

Ellen Rossinsky
She's got pep, spirit and spunk
And Ellen Rossinsky is in our bunk.

Arlene Reiser
She has the pen pep and no one is wiser,
Than #16's camper Arlene Reiser.

Linda Sovner
She's a very fine girl and everyone likes her,
This wonderful girl is Linda Sovner.

Roberta Seigal
She's got spirit and you all know her,
There's no one like Roberta Seigal.

Inez Luxenberg
Inez is fine, Inez is sweet
And she's got a figure no one can beat.

Ellen Kavier
Her first name is Ellen
And her last is Kavier,
And all summer long,
She's been a dear.

Sandy Segal
You can offer her food, drink, or candy,
But nothing effects the figure of Sandy.

Hedia Delit
Hedia Delit this summer had a fling
Will she, or won't she, keep that silver ring?

Holly Hoffman
Holly H. makes bunk 17 dizzy
With her after-dinner mints, cocoa krispies and fizzies.

Ellen Genat
Ellen Genat is a maiden fair
As soon as Allen came along- she walked on air.

Joanie Gershan
From out of #17 there comes a call
"It's too stupid," "oh, I KNOW I'm in love."

Margie Shaw
Margie Shaw is a real cool girl
But, we never see her without a curl.

Joy Kaufman
Joy Kaufman cries the blues
When she thinks of Johnny Andrews

Susan Adler
Susan Adler is a gal
Who coughs and avoids her Elmer pal.

Francine Streisand
When she's good, she's very very good But when she's bad.........

Ilene Yoffe
When Ilene blushes
She blushes red to match the color of Marty's hair.

Jane Kaplan
MARK her words-
"I'll be skinny one day."