Girls Whos Who
Ronnie Berkowitz

In Color War Ronnie certainly did shine
For all the baskets she made many times.

Nadine Fishelman
"Dinky" is her nickname and everyone thinks she's great.
Many happy years ahead of her will surely be her fate.

Helene Gilbert
Ask her any question and she will always say no.
This dark haired girl who's full of spirit is always on the go.

Laura Horowitz
1,2,4, Laura always asks for more
And when she doesn't get it-
She is really very sore.

Nancy Janoff
Always writing letters, she sits on her bed all day.
The rest of the day she ponders about how many pounds she weighs.

Candy Leeds
A beautiful voice and a charming smile to go with it.
On the stage or in the field, this girl is always a hit.

Renee Lichtman
Now that Renee has found her mate
Oh how she wishes that he could skate.

Carrie Boykoff

Carrie's a sweetie, water shows and all,
Ahe helped Bunk 14's summer to be a ball.

Sue Brody
A Risa Stevens Sue will never be,
But when she smiles she's as cute as can be.

Nina Cohen
Always there with a giggle and a smile,
F.F.'s on her mind all the time.
But it's not puppy love.

Jackie Drimer
Don't be a meanie, show us your bikini
Oi vay, oi vay,
We can't wait another day.

Bobbie Hirsh
Bobbie's a sweetie she tries so hard,
That now she's even better than the counselors.

Rita Treitman
Rita's full of pep and go
Never selfish, never slow*---
So Rita when's the next show.

Judy Scheier has a lot to say,
She teaches philosophy everyday.

Rona Breen
Rona Breen is the active one in our bunk,
She always has a lot of spunk.

Bernice Moreno
Bernice Moreno is a girl we all know,
And she has a nice ring to show.

Linda Schwartz
Linda Schwartz is always neat,
And she is always very sweet.

Sandy Kraus
Sandy Kraus can imitate
I guess that's why shes always late.

Penny Pludo
Curly locks is her name,
That's how Penny won her fame.

Karen Furman
Blonde streaks, everywhere,
But Karen claims she does nothing to her hair.