Girls Whos Who
Arlene Pross
A pretty face has Arlene Pross
That captain ball she sure can toss

Corinne Kief
Corinne's got cheer that she'll always spread
But don't get caught sitting on her bed.

B.I. Dorin
Everything's tough when B.I.'s around
But a more wonderful girl can n'er be found.

Patti Yeckes
A male's delight is Patti Y.
Pony tail and twinkling eye.


Oh, listen campers and you will know
The counselors tales of lament and woe.
It's "heaven in bunk #11" has never been heard,
Yes, it's been described by many a different word.

First, there's Lois Miller,
Or is it-"where's the killer-diller?"
She is very gay and wild,
Oh, what a charming child.

Next we have Nancy W.,
An old camper who'll never trouble you,
With her questions on what to do
'Cause she knows all the answers.

Barbara Flamm is a busy 'mam'
A midnight walker, and a chatty talker.

Carol Hochman has pinned-up hair,
And when you want her, she's never there,
Not on her bed, but on the floor,
May her underwear rest forevermore.

We've got Dorothy too, who was a Boo-Hoo,
But now she's in the "groupski"
With the Bunk 11 troopski.

Doris, Doris, listen dear,
When you talk why don't you hear,
Your buddy tag may be lost,
That you'll hear at any cost.

Our tale of sorrow draws to a close,
But where it ends, no one really knows,
It was a ditty, all in jest,
We really think that you're the best.

Merri Becker

Merri is full of pep and spirit,
And at Ranger you're sure to hear it.

Susan Elfenbein
Susan E. is always giggling,
And in the water she is always wiggling.

Ina Goldberg
Beth, Beth, set my hair
And please tell me what to wear.

Estelle Lurie
Estelle and Ronnie are quite a pair
That's one couple that's meant to be there.

Susie Marek
Peppy Susie is her name
Peaches and cream brought her fame.

Barbara Beretz
Barbara, Barbara, our lady fair
Why do you have so many problems with your hair?

Phyllis Scheier
Phyllis is a counselor's dream
She is always on the beam.

Tina Zitman
Tina dear, Inspection's here
For your cubbies we do fear.