From the Directors

Dear Girls and Boys:

Once again it is our sad task to write our farewell message to our own Ranger boys and girls with whom we have lived so happily for the past eight weeks.

The season just passed has been one of the happiest and healthiest in the 35 years of Ranger's existence. We remember, with fond thoughts, all of the pleasant events of the season - the wonderful Circus and Carnival for the benefit of the U.J.A.; the exciting trips to the Thousand Islands, Howe's Caverns, and Cimarron City; the outdoor barbecues; water skiing and sailing; the cook-outs and sleep-outs plus skinny-dipping; the trip to the Summer Stock Theatre to see "Dial M For Murder"; the exciting inter-camp games in which our Ranger boys and girls more than held their own (especially our girls softball team); the roller skating; the many bowling nights in Jeffersonville thoroughly enjoyed by all; the thrilling "Day With The Knicks"; the fine tennis clinic and exhibition by Eli Epstein, the pro at Grossinger's; the excellent "Aquashow"; the "Sundaes on a Sunday"; the exciting "Gold Rush" when gold was discovered on our property; the tremendous Red and Gray that was so closely contested all the way; the fine dramatic presentations which featured the very excellent "Ranger Talent Nights', "Good News", and Finian's Rainbow"; the wonderful time we all had watching a fine movie OUTDOORS; the inspiring Friday night services; the socials each week culminating in the final dress-up Proms; the wonderful feeling reliving our fine summer at "Ranger Memory Night"; and the "Annual Ban quet" followed by the lump-in-the-throat candle lighting ceremony at the lake.

To all of you - our campers and staff alike - we bid a fond farewell. We hope that the friendships made here at camp will continue for many years to come and will grow stronger with each passing year.

We look forward to the great pleasure of seeing all of you again at our Annual Reunion which will be held on Sunday, January 22, 1961 at the Hotel Statler in New York City, and we hope to have the added pleasure of having you with us again at camp Ranger in 1961 for another enjoyable and exciting summer.