Girls Who's Who

Karen Pinelos
Karen Pinelos has won her fame
As our jacks champion, her favorite game.

Lori Robins
Each beautiful day when the sun is hot
Lori's swim in the lake is never forgot!

Michele Silverman
Her morning chores she'll always stall,
As long as Michele can play tether ball.

Carolyn Zolt
Carolyn's peppy and full of fun,
But her laugh sounds like a machine gun.

Lois Abrams

Our Lois A. is a dilly
At times she's okay,
At times she's silly.

Barbara Bennett
Barbara Bennett, cute and sweet,
As a camper, she can't be beat.

Vicki Merlis
Vicki's sweet and quite serene
Always neat and oh so clean.

Janet Rothman
Carefree and gay at the Ranger resort,
Horseback riding is her favorite sport.

Susan Rothstein
There was a little girl, who had a pony tail right on top of her head,
And bot, did the O.D.'s have a hard time putting Susan to bed.

Lois Slatin
Lois is proper and prim
So dramatic and full of vim.

Ila Blum
Ila's fair and rather tall
She is really on the ball.

Marilyn Cohen

Bright blue eyes and blond pony tail
Has often thought, "Hurrah, yea male."

Patti Corning
Blue pants and all
"Slugger mouse" we do call.

Helen Fox
Through all her stalking
Happy talk, keeps talking...

Muriel Gordon
Red hair and cheery
Forever saying, "Skip it deary."

Marcie Kalen
Clad frequently in bermudas green
Adds a lot to any team.

Bonnie Klein
Her laughing's clear
Tells us all when she is near.

June Poster
Always smiling and merry
Has been seen with a boy names--(oops, forgot)

Barbara Silverman
Not the epitome of neatness
Has the qualities of Ranger spunk and sweetness.

Elaine Zimmerman

Elaine is such a great athlete
But chicken is her favorite treat.

Barbara Rosenblatt
Want candy, ghost stories or good cheer?
That's not hard when Barbara's near.

Susan Malmet
Susan Malmet's clothes must match
And any quarrel she can patch.