Girls Who's Who
Judy Haemel
Next to her is gypsy Judy
A devilish laugh, a real beauty.

Dara Rosenblatt
Dara had three years in the same bed
And a wiggle that turns every head.

Bunk 5C
Meri Leeds

Meri Leeds is going places,
She wears tan shoes and pink shoe laces

Joy Pludo
Joy is sweet, full of spunk,
A real JOY to have in 5C's bunk.

Sima Schiff
When it's clean-up give a call,
"Sima get away from the the tether

Gailze Grossman
Slow as molasses, real moody too
But when she wants to be
Gail's a ranger girl through and

Gail C. Grossman
If you walk into 5C late at night
You may have a terrible fright.
But please be quiet and don't make a peep,
And you'll hear Gail Grossman talk in her sleep.

Jane Pineless
Blond hair, brown eyes, cute pug nose
Jane will attract boys wherever she goes.

Lauri Schwarz
Big brown eyes and how they shine
Boy, that Lauri sure is fine.

Sheila Epstein
Sheila Epstein can hit a ball
And when you want a homer,
Just give her a call.

Bunk 6
Vicki Kalen

Krack up Kalen's a leader born
Without a crew her look appears forlorn.
Fran Markowitz
From a corner of bunk 6
A counselor gives a wail
Fanny, please dear, fix that pony tail.

Arlene Putterman
P.P. Putterman, all around girl
Laughing, jumping in a whirl.

Wendy Rosen
A smile and laugh that never fades away
Give Wendy baseball option and she's right on her way.

Beth Salomon
A cuter girl you'll never find
Tallest in character, Beth's that kind.

Joan Schwartz
Shy little Schwartzy first came to Ranger Camp
And after a season she's number one champ.

Linda Tobin
Saint Louis Woman is Linda's idol--yes sir!
But she'll give it up for a substitute of peanut butter.

Bunk 7
Susan Falk

Susan's the singer of our crew
In Finnian's Rainbow she made her debut.

Abbe Feder
Painting, coloring, ceramics and tiles
Arts and Crafts keep Abbe in smiles.

Terri Hoffman
Terri's our athlete, she hits like a winner.
Her only weakness is pickles for dinner.