Girls' Gray Marching Song
(Tune: With a Little Bit of Luck)

At Ranger Camp we have a competition,
Where Red and Gray give out the best they can.
Each summer both teams try to be the winner
But with our vigor and our vim,
We will prove that we're in trim
As the rebels lead throughout the land.

Rebels rise, to the skies, show the courage that shines in our eyes,
We are proud, we are strong, and forever we'll show our devotion.
Like a star, we'll go far, and our victory red cannot bar,
It's a fact, we're intact, as our battle cry echoes beyond us.

Gray Alma Mater
(Tune: Climb Every Mountain)

Deep in the mountains, peaceful and calm,
Paradise at Ranger as pictured as a psalm.
Echoes resounding, youths joyful play,
Shining happy faces, at the close of day.
Each soft summer night by the moon's glowing beams,
A serene smile appears through the mist of our dreams,
Memories that linger, friendships and joy,
Signify sincerity that time can't destroy.
As long as we live may our hearts never stray,
From the ideals engrained every step of the way.
Our prayers for the future, strengthens our will,
To live and love in harmony,
As Ranger did instill.

Red Marching Song
(Tune: Once a Year Day, Dry Bones)

A-T-O-M-S, atoms are we (four times)
Atoms we march together, stand forever
Se the rings we form,

Graymen will fall from under,
It's no wonder, we are really gonna win.
Oh, the 'lectrons connected to the proton
Protons connected to the neutrons
The neutrons the necessary evil
In forming a molecule.
Oh the red team marches on proudly
We sing our song so loudly
Our heads held high you'll see marching to victory.
Atoms we'll keep our heads up, never let up
See us marching proudly onward
Red team will win this great day
It's no wonder, we have got the winning way.
On the fields and in our hearts and through our singing great
We will make the Gray Team cower, just because we really rate.
Atoms we march together, stand forever
See the rings we form
Gray men will fall from under
It's no wonder, we are really gonna win.

Red Alma Mater
(Tune: Original)

We thank you, Ranger
For all you've given us
And every time we think of you
Our hearts will fill with love.
Now we have our mem'ries
To guide us through this year
But now our hearts are saddened
As we leave you Ranger dear.
Ranger you've shown us
How splendid life can be
Living close to nature
In peace and harmony.
The warmth of faces
That live and love and pray
Together we've discovered
Our love for Red and Gray.
The times we've cherished
The feeling one derives
The laughs, the joys, the spirit
Will last throughout our lives.