Red and Gray
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Boy's Grey Marching Song
(Tune: Oklahoma) grey team see us marching on to victory
Go you Grey team, oh Olympic fire burning bright with desire
As we watch the Knights of Ranger flee

On Olympians as we march on proudly to the fray
With our banners flying, our voices crying
As we toast our victory today.

United Olympians are we
As we march down the field to victory
And as we go.....Grey
You'll always know......That
The Grey team has to win in the end
We will conquer, mighty Grey team will win.

Mighty Grey team, mighty Grey team,
Mighty Grey
United Olympians are we, etc.

Grey Alma Mater
(Tune: Somewhere Over the Rainbow)

Ranger, splendor and glory
Camp supreme
Friendships close to our hearts
Fulfilling our fondest dreams.

campers, we'll always cherish
Days of joy
Memories, will never perish
From every girl and boy

The star-lit nights, the sunny days
We'll think of during winter's haze
The ideals pure, the thoughts so true
Bonding us for life to you
Eternally....Camp Ranger

Ranger, now that we're leaving
Shed no tears
For we know in our hearts that
We shall return next year.

Boy's Red Marching Song
(Tune: Great Day)

When you hear our cry,
Rise up and reach the sky,
We're going to conquer the foe.

Marching side by side,
Power in every stride,
Banners on high are a glow.

In us there's a yearning
Our spirits burning,
There's no returning
Greys are beaten.

Hearts are light and gay,
Red team will win the fray,
Brave Knights will conquer today.
Let's go.

Red Alma Mater
(Tune: Original)

Ranger, we'll ere be true, to thy colors of noble hue
And we'll always remember you,
As the guiding light of our youth,
And though we may wander far,
Your ideals are our guiding star
We will love Ranger from afar,
Alma Mater so fair and true.

Through the years our memories cling around you
All through the years our voices sing about you

Let there be no goodbyes, for the thought of you never died
We will always love Ranger Alma Mater so fair and true.

Through the years etc.