Rebels Smash Atoms

You were there on Sunday afternoon when the entire camp assembled around the boys' tennis courts for a lesson and demonstration from the tennis pro Eli Epstein. You heard a sudden halt in the cheering and you felt the mounting excitement as Dr. Weiss suddenly stepped out on the court to find out what was wrong with Mr. Epstein's foot. You were there when the 1960 Color War broke.

With mixed emotions, the camp was quickly broken into Red and Gray. You were present at the rope burning, and you saw the red fire roar as it broke the rope. You also sae the look of disappointment on the Gray Faces. The sportsmanship at this first event was truly befitting Ranger girls.

You were there when the senior girls ran the hatchet race. You saw Joni Gershen take a fast lead only to be beaten by Francine Streisand as she surged ahead with a sudden burst of energy and sank the hatchet.

Both teams fought hard and strong on the battle fields each day as they competed in volleyball, softball, newcomb, basketball and archery. Then came the Apache Race. There were thirty-nine activities to be completed by each team. The Apache was ended by the deciphering of a cryptogram. After many tense moments the Gray came out victorious.

The waterfront played an important part in Color War. Many points were at stake in both the swim meet and the boat racing meet. You saw the presentation of the themes and banners as the Red Atoms split the Gray and the Gray Rebels fired their cannon.

As Color War came to an end, the Red and Gray used their last bit of energy for sing rehearsal and set design. Then came the big moment. After a comic song, march and alma mater from each team, all anxiously awaited the decision of the judges. A friendship circle was made and during all the crying and embraces that followed each finger remained crossed.

You were there as the judges announced the score, the score that meant victory for the GRAY. Color War for 1960 was over.

Rene Gershen

Rebels & Atoms