From the Editor
When the excitement of boarding the buses and seeing our parents and friends from home dies down, we will all think about our wonderful summer at Ranger which has flown by much too quickly. When we look back we won't clearly remember every activity and experience that filled eight weeks of camping, but certain days and events will stand out. The colorful Ranger carnival, the delicious sundaes on Sunday followed by the Gold Rush and Cabaret Night, the exciting intercamp games with Raleigh, the Girls Tribal War and the Boys Watermelon League will not quickly fade from our memories.

As we sing those marches and alma maters we will all remember Red and Gray and the opportunity it gave us to use the skills we had acquired, the spirit we felt, and the sportsmanship we had learned. Although we may not see these changes in ourselves they have made us better campers this summer and will be noticed by others through the year.

Madi Adler

Ranger Trail

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