Howe Caverns

Junior and Deb Trip

Prepared for all emergencies, the deb girls and Junior boys boarded the bus for Howe Caverns. Equipped with pills and bags in case of emergency, they were on their way. Bumping along the road and singing merrily, they reached Howe Caverns in about two and a half hours. After lunch we crowded into an elevator that took us 156 feet into the earth in two minutes.

Our guide took us through the Caverns explaining each of the different formations, each one more interesting than the one before. He had a cheerful smile on his face as he showed us the Bridal Alter.

"I can't promise anything," he said, "but there's a superstition that if a person of marriageable age stands on this heart, he or she will be married within the year." As we went on many of the counselors returned to stand on the heart.

We continued until the end of the caverns and then returned to the elevator. In two minutes we found ourselves in daylight again. Then after fighting for souvenirs we boarded the bus and went on our way to the Farmer's Museum.

There we toured many interesting buildings of that time, such as a school-house, district attorney's office, M.D. office, General Store, barnyard, and an inn. In the main building we saw an interesting demonstration of spinning and weaving. Outside we saw stage coaches, buggies, and other types of carriages. Returning to our carriage (bus) we had ice cream, and then went on to Cooperstown. There we visited the Baseball Hall of Fame. We saw several interesting momentos of such baseball greats as Ty Cobb, Joe Dimaggio, Lou Gehrig, and babe Ruth.

The boys were thrilled. The girls? They spent their time shopping for souvenirs, and were quite relieved when it was time to leave.

That concluded the trip except for a juicy steak dinner at Rose-rest.

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