We now mark the end of a very successful summer at the girl's waterfront. We are both very pleased with the progress and achievement that was shown.

This summer saw a number of new items on the girl's waterfront. The War Canoe Race was one of these, but by far the biggest was the "Double Indian" Club. This club was formed to mark the achievement of those campers who could do more than the Lake Test. To gain membership a child had to swim the entire lake. The symbol of the club was an Indian head made of red and gray felt which could be sewn on to the bathing suit. The club's activities consisted mainly of staying at the waterfront after the general swim and having a good time in the water with other members. Because of the skill demonstrated in getting into the club, certain activities which formerly were not permitted were now carried on.

One of our most popular activities this summer was sailing. Under the able command of such stalwarts as Susan Lorber (at the tiller) our campers spend many an enjoyable hour on the blue waters of Silver (man) Lake.

Looking back on the 1960 waterfront scene we feel it has been a success, and we are looking forward to next summer.


As the 1960 season draws to a close we can look back upon a successful summer at the boys' waterfront. It appeared that we were constantly wringing rain water from our suits, but weather did not hinder many campers' progress.

We will remember the many hours spent practicing countless swimming skills and the satisfaction derived from the mastering of them.

A record number of Rangerites have passed their advanced swimmers tests. In addition many Red Cross swimming certificates have been awarded.

The Ranger flotilla grew ever larger with the addition of a new sailboat. We now have a fleet of sailboats, surfboards, canoes, and rowboats.

All these things combined have made an active, happy and productive summer on the Ranger Waterfront.

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