With a splishy splash and Barry's garbled cry for help, our Ranger Aquashow was on. The excitement mounted to an alarming pitch. Faster than a speeding waiter Marty flew to the rescue. After properly removing his numerous outer garments (seven bathing trunks) he flung himself gallantly (belly whopped) into the dangerous depths (three feet of water) and saved Barry from drowning. Or did Barry save him? . . . Well, perhaps the high tide saved them both.

The audience was then delighted to watch an admirable demonstration of Canoe Over Canoe Rescue, Life saving and Surf Rescue by our heroic Senior boys.

The Teener and Senior ballets plus musical accompaniment were instant hits as was the War Canoe Gunneling which followed.

With swift grace and charm our Natalie and Leslie proceeded to show their various diving skills.

The Water ballet Finals presented by Nancy Gittelsen was a beautiful ending touch for this wonderful show.

We would like to thank all those who gave their time and energy to amuse and entertain us.

Oh yes, thanks to those who submitted to the dunkings administered by grateful and loving Ranger boys and girls.