7. Thou shalt not have false witnesses against thy neighbor.
This proves that honesty is the best policy whether at camp or at home.

8. Thou shalt not covet they neighbor's possessions.
According to this commandment we should make the best of what G-d has given us and should not be envious of our bunkmates or their possessions.

The Jewish people have lived under these Commandments ever since Moses brought forth the two tablets from Mount Sinai.

If a whole nation has been living under these laws for over three thousand years, it should be easy for one bunk to live happily as long as the former Commandments are applied to camp.

Carrie Boykoff
Sue Strober

A Day with the Knicks

On August 1, Rangerites both young and old were treated to an exciting basketball exhibition given by three members of the professional New York Knickerbockers. In the morning, the entire boys camp witnessed a clinic conducted by the players - Richie Guerin, Johnny Green, and Bob MacNeil. The basic fundamentals of the game such as dribbling, passing, set shooting, and foul shooting, were demonstrated. As an extra added attraction Johnny Green showed us his jumping prowess by "dunking" the ball several times.

After lunch, one group at a time was called to the basketball court where individual instruction was given to the campers by the Knicks. Various relay races were conducted, as was a foul shooting contest, the prize being certificates of merit.

Later the highlight of the day took place. The Ranger All-Stars - with Jumping Jack Brownstein, Tom "The Terror" Pope, Slinky Steve Goodman, Monstrous Mike Brod, Mark "The Masher" Poster, and Muscular Mark Morgenstern - challenged the three Knicks (plus Lightning Al Pinsky and Mike "the bomber" Levine) to a basketball game. After a slow start the Ranger hoopsters came roaring back, but just couldn't beat the taller Knick stalwarts. It was an exciting game that few will forget - especially Mark Poster, who didn't stay around too long.

That night, after movies featuring events at Madison Square Garden were shown, Richie Guerin conducted a question-and-answer period for the campers. The distribution of Knick buttons and pamphlets concluded an eventful day at Camp Ranger.

Flash - Girls bunks 5b and 5c, the youngest bunks on girls campus walked around the lake in one hour and forty-five minutes. Girls bunks 6 and 7 walked to Kauneonga.