It was with great pride that I led the Services this year. Boys and girls were assembled for a different type of activity. Every Friday night an ordinary rec hall was converted into a House of Worship. This was an opportunity for everyone to express themselves to G-d. For most, Services was a chance to stop and think. They realized all the possessions they have and the good times they have shared. Recalling all these things it was impossible to do anything else by thank G-d.

Like any other activity, participation is of major importance. I would like to thank Ira Leibowitz and Sandy Berman for their very able cantorial leadership. At this time I would like to wish all of you a very happy and healthy New Year.

Jerry Luxenberg


During the Sabbath Morning Services on August 6, a new idea was tried. The sermon, instead of being given by Ruth, was given by the campers of Bunk 14. The following was the sermon:

"Why are we here in the rec hall this morning? The answer is because our parents have given us the great privilege of spending this summer at camp.

This would not be a privilege, though, of we could not live in unity and harmony with each other. Here at camp we sing many Israeli songs of Moses redeeming the Jewish people in the desert and the victory of Israel. Why is it that the Jewish people have survived ever since the times of Moses until the recent forming of the new state of Israel? The only possible answer is that God gave the Jews the Ten Commandments to live by and to give strength and unity among the people.

It is easy to apply these commandments to camp life.

1. Thou shalt have no other God before me.
To apply this to camp, always have faith and trust in God, so as to live in harmony with our fellow bunkmates.

2. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord, thy God, in vain.
When in our bunks, we should not swear.

3. Thou shalt remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.
Because we follow the laws of God we are here each Sabbath to pray and should continue to do so.

4. Honour they father and mother.
Once we are in camp, we should thank our parents for allowing us the privilege of enjoying a wonderful summer here.

5. Thou shalt not kill.
When we say kill, we don't mean it physically, but we mean that we can also kill spirit by hurting other people's feelings.

6. Thou shalt not steal.
We should not take anything from our bunkmates without permission.