Junior Boys

The Junior boys had an exciting year. It was a year of firsts in many respects - much to the pleasure of all concerned. For the first time in years the Juniors took what had formerly been the Inter group trip. We went to Howe Caverns and thrilled to the amazing underground tour. From there we traveled to the Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown, N.Y. The museum actually consisted of many buildings which were over 100 years old and which were brought to the museum to portray life as it was in our country last century. From there we went to the Baseball Hall of Fame, also in Cooperstown, and saw the beautiful home of baseball's greats. We saw Babe Ruth's uniform, displays on how bats and balls are made and the bat Steve Weiss used to hit his first double in his two years at Camp Ranger.

Another first for the Juniors was hardball. We were the youngest group to play the game in camp. Use of the catcher's mask, chest protector, shin guards, and the batting helmet protected the boys from injury and the activity was extremely successful. Alan Glaser was the only boy struck by a pitched ball but it hit him where he is soft.

This year the Junior All-Stars came close to beating the Inters. With players such as Jeff, Greg, Bobby, Richie, Steve T. and M., Mike and Neil at the end of the last full inning the score was 3-2.

All in all the group had a terrific time and we hope to be together again next year.

Weve Steiss

Junior Boys

Inter Girls

height="263"/It's an amazing feat for three lively counselors bursting with news to keep a secret from their girls for one whole day -- especially when they are more excited about it than the actual campers. However at five o'clock on Thursday August 11th, the news broke wide open: Bunk 5C, 6 and 7 were going on their first overnight which included breakfast out, skinny dipping and of course spooky ghost stories around a cozy campfire, before retiring. "The beautiful Ranger Inters" displayed an enormous amount of enthusiasm and the volume of cheering and screaming could be heard even by Chief Wakonda himself.

height="263"/ The exuberance died down just long enough to collect fire wood, bring down the sleeping bags, and gather a week's supply of personal equipment for one nights adventure.

height="263"/ We first were given an accurate lesson in pioneering by Aunt Ruth. Then overburdened by our paraphernalia, we promptly made way for ye old campfire sight.

height="263"/ Our own taps set a new record that night, but, when all was quieted down one of three counselors came to the stark realization She was one of the actual guards on watch, who was depended upon for the safety and organization of the campers. She thought -- Wasn't it a coincidence that only last summer she was a senior camper on her own overnight accompanied by a confident counselor on watch nearby. Now, here She was, in her previous counselor's position!

height="263"/ Living next to nature was so very wonderful that night. The memorable impression left on us will always remain with us.

height="263"/Maxine Goldstein

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