Reader: I sing like the bird in the sky,
Not knowing, not reasoning why!
Cong.: I sing like the breezes in spring,
I sing when my soul bids me sing!
Reader: Whatsoever may start
A song in my heart -
Cong.: I sing like a bird in the sky!
Reader: I sing like the brook and the stream,
And free is my heart-woven dream!
Cong.: My song from within is ordained,
And fountain-like flows unrestrained.
All: When with joys or with woes,
My heart overflows -
I sing like the brook and the stream.
Reader or Solo: (Congregation Rises)

Bo-re-khu es A-do-noy ha-me-vo-rokh!
Praise the Lord to whom all praise is due!
Bo-rukh Ado-noy ha-me-vo-rokh le-o-lom vo-ed!
Praised be the name of the Lord forever and ever!
Reader: Unite our hearts to love Thee
For we trust and rejoice in Thee.
Cong.: Joyfully do we lift up our voices
To proclaim Thy unity!