Reader: Take my two hands in Thine, O Lord,
And hold them fast the long, long day,
That I may not forget !
Cong.: That Thou art with me!
Reader: The God of all the stars and planets
Is with me!
Cong.: The God of springing grass
And of laughing children
Is with me!


The God of all the heroes,
Of all the souls that were ever born!

Cong.: Is it a wonder if I feet small;
And humble;
And bowed down in Thy presence?
Reader: Is it a wonder if I stand erect
And throw back my head
And shout and sing in Thy presence?
Cong.: For I am lost in Thee!
Reader: I am a grain of sand warmed by Thee
On the wide shore of the world!
Cong.: And I am as great in Thee
As all the stars
And all the souls
That were ever born or shall be born!