Reader: Were the sky of parchment made;
A quill each reed, each twig a blade;
Could we with ink the oceans fill;
Were every man a scribe of skill -
Cong.: The marvellous story
Of God's great glory
Would still remain untold!
Reader: For He, Most High,
The earth and sky,
Cong.: Created alone of old!
Reader: If all the songs of the seven seas,
Cong.: Were in our voices;
Reader: If all the jubilation of ocean's waters,
Cong.: Resounded from our lips;
Reader: If all the grace of the wide universe
Cong.: Were In our words;
Reader: If the light of sun, moon, and stars
Cong.: Shone in our eyes;
Reader: If we would spread our hands to heaven
Cong.: As eagles spread their wings,
All: We still should not be able to give thanks to Thee,
Lord our God, and God of our fathers,
For the loving kindness which Thou hast shown
To' us and to them !