Reader: Sweet hymns and songs will I recite
To sing of Thee by day and night!
Cong.: Of Thee who art my soul's delight!
Reader: O Thou whose word is truth alway;
Thy children see Thy face this day!
Cong.: O be Thou near them when they pray!
Reader: O may my words of blessings rise
To Thee, who, throned above the skies,
Cong.: Art just and mighty; great and wise !
Reader: My meditations day and night,
May they be pleasant in Thy sight!
Cong.: For Thou art all my soul's delight !


Reader: All things bright and beautiful;
All creatures great and small;
All things wise and wonderful -
Cong.: The Lord God made them all!
Reader: Each little flower that opens;
Each little bird that sings;
He made their glowing colors;
Cong.: He made their tiny wings!
Reader: The purple headed mountain,
The river running by;
The sunsets and the morning,