Reader: In this spirit, O God, we keep
The day of rest that thou hast sanctified!
Cong. May its blessings gladden our hearts
And inspire its to noble living!
Reader: Strengthen us, O God, and grant us
New courage! new faith! new power to do Thy will!
Cong. AMEN!


To the God of all creation,
Let us sing with cheerful voice!
In the Rock of our salvation
Let us heartily rejoice!

In His presence let us gather
With glad hearts and thankful lays;
And to God, our heavenly Father,
Show our joy with psalms and praise!

He created land and oceans!
He, with beauty, clothes the sod.
Let us bow with deep devotion;
Bless our Maker and our God!

Lo! the earth rejoices
At the dawn of day!
Children, lift your voices,
Sing to God and pray.

Hark! the birds are singing!
What a merry throng!
Woods and fields are ringing
With the joyful song!