Reader: The Lord said to Moses,
Cong.: "Ascend this mountain and view the land which I am
giving the Israelites. Then you shall be gathered to
your fathers. "
Reader: Then Moses said to the Lord,
Cong.: "Let the Lord appoint someone to lead the people
out and bring them in so that the Lord's people may
not be like sheep without a shepherd.
Reader: So the Lord said to Moses:
Cong.: Take Joshua, the son of Nun, a man of spirit, and
lay your hands upon him.
Reader: "Have him stand before the whole community.
Cong.: "Invest him with some of your own majesty!
Reader: Then Moses said to Israel,
Cong.: "I am one hundred and twenty years old. I am no
longer able to come and go.
Reader: "Joshua will be the one to go over ahead of you, as
the Lord promised. "
Cong.: Then Moses did as the Lord commanded him.
Reader: He took Joshua and had him stand before the whole community.
Cong.: He laid his hands upon him and blessed him.
Reader: And Moses said to Joshua in the presence of Israel,
Cong.: "Be strong ! Be brave !
Reader: "You are to bring this people into the land which the Lord promised to your fathers
Cong.: "Just as the Lord commanded!"