Reader: Moses assembled the whole Israel community and
said to them, "This is the command of the Lord:
Cong.: "Procure from the people, everyone whose heart is
willing, a contribution to build a sanctuary.
Reader: "Also, every skillful person among you is to come,
and make all that the Lord has commanded. " Then
Moses said to the Israelites,
Cong.: "See! the Lord has chosen Bezalel, belonging to the
Tribe of Judah.
Reader: "And He has filled him with the spirit of God in
skill, in intelligence, and knowledge in every craft;
Cong.: "To make things in working with gold, silver, and
bronze, and in the cutting of stones to be set; and in
wood carving;
Reader: "To do work of the engraver, the artisan, the weaver of fine linen.
Cong.: "And He has given him the ability to instruct others.
Reader: "Bezalel is to do the work along with every skilled
person whom the Lord has endowed with skill and
intelligence to know how to carry out all the work of
construction on the sanctuary
Cong.: "Just as the Lord commanded!"