Reader: Hearken, O heavens, that I may speak!
And may the earth hear the words of my mouth!
Cong.: May my message drop as light rain;
And like the showers on things that grow!
Reader: Give glory to our God!
What He does is right!
Cong.: He is your Father who created you;
He made you and He fashioned you!
Reader: Remember the days of old,
Ask your father to tell you.
Cong.: When the Eternal made divisions among mankind,
He chose Israel as His own people.
Reader: He found them in a desert land;
In the howling waste of a wilderness.
Cong.: He cared for them;
He guarded them like the pupil of His eye;
Reader: Like an eagle, fluttering over its young,
Spreading its wings to catch them.
Cong.: The Lord alone was their leader,
And no foreign god was with Him.
Reader: "Know that I am He!
And that there is no God beside Me!
Cong.: "I lift My hand to the heavens
And declare:
Reader: "As I live forever -
Cong.: "My hand shall lay hold on justice!"