Which Moses sang following the crossing of the Red Sea!
Reader: Then Moses and the Israelites Sang this song to the Lord:
Cong.: "I will sing to the Lord,
For He has triumphed.
Reader: "The Lord is my strength and my song
For He saved me.
Cong.: "He is my God, and I shall praise Him,
My fathers' God, and I shall sing His glory.
Reader: "It was Thy right hand, O Lord,
Glorious in power;
Cong.: "It was Thy right hand, O Lord,
That saved Thy people.
Reader: "The streams stood up like walls;
The floods were frozen in the heart of the sea!
Cong.: "Who is like Thee,
Among the gods, O Lord!
Reader: "Who is like Thee,
Glorious in holiness!
Cong.: "In Thy grace Thou didst lead the people
Whom Thou didst redeem!
Reader: "In Thy strength Thou didst guide them
To the Holy Land!
Cong.: "In Thy holy place which Thou,
O Lord, hast made!
Reader: "The Lord shall reign forever and ever!
Cong.: "The Lord shall reign forever and ever!