Reader: The Lord said to Moses, "Say to the Children of Israel:
'If you walk in My statutes and are careful to
observe My commandments,
Cong.: "'I will give you rain in due season!
Reader: "'The land shall yield its crops;
Cong.: "'And the trees shall yield their fruit;
Reader: "'Threshing shall last until the time of vintage.
Cong.: "'And vintage shall last until sowing time.
Reader: "'You shall eat all that you want of your food and
live securely in your land.
Cong.: "'I will establish peace in the land.
Reader: "'You shall lie down with none to frighten you.
Cong.: "'I will clear the land of wild beasts; and no sword
shall pass through your land.
Reader: "'I will multiply you!
Cong.: "'I will establish my covenant with you.
Reader: "'You shall have so much of old stores to eat that
you shall cast out the old to make way for the new.
Cong.: "'I will set My dwelling among you.
Reader: "'I will be your God!
Cong.: '"And you shall be My people!
Reader: "'I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the
Land of Egypt, out of a state of slavery, and broke
the bars of your yoke.
Cong.: "'And I made you walk upright!"