Reader: There lived a man whose name was Noah. Noah was
an honest man but the men of his generation were
wicked. So God said to Noah,
Cong.: "Make yourself an ark, for I am about to bring a
flood upon the earth.
Reader: "Everything shall perish; but you shall enter the
ark, you and your sons, and your wife and your
sons' wives. Of all the clean animals you are to
take seven pairs, male and female, to keep alive,
Cong.: "Of all the unclean animals you are to take two,
male and female. Also take food for yourself and
for them. "
Reader: Then the windows of the heavens were opened. The
rain fell for forty days and forty nights. The waters
rose higher and higher so that the highest mountains
were covered. Every living thing on earth perished.
Cong.: Only Noah and those in the ark were left.
Reader: Then God remembered Noah. The rain ceased; the
water sank. Noah sent out a dove but the dove found
no resting place so she returned. Noah sent out the
dove again, and when she returned there was an
olive leaf in her beak.
Cong.: Then Noah knew the waters had subsided,
Reader: Noah came out, his sons, his wife and his sons'
wives; every animal and every bird. Then the Lord
said "I will never again destroy all life. I shall
put a rainbow In the sky as a sign of my promise
that as long as the earth endures:
Cong.: "Seed time and harvest; Cold and heat;
Summer and winter; Day and night;
Shall never cease!"