How about joining us for a trip down Memory Lane so that we can relive the very pleasant moments that were so outstanding during our summer stay at Ranger last year?
The start of a wonderful summer to come when we viewed the captivating July 4th show given by our campers.
Our bicycle hikes on the surrounding roads outside of camp grounds which had too many uphills and not enough downhills, a great fun and exercise for all!!! The sense of accomplishment and achievement when we finally rode triumphantly back to camp after an exhilarating trip.
The continuation of "ICE SKATING IN THE SUMMERTIME" that was so immensely popular with all of our groups and so great because it was the coolest spot in the mountains!
The exciting and challenging mountain climbs and sleep doubts at Mount Cathalia, Slide Mountain and Wittenberg.
Our tremendous waterfront program which included swimming, boating, sailing, canoeing, surf boarding, waterskiing, snorkeling, scuba diving and white water canoeing. The weekly adventurous canoe trips down the Delaware River, meeting the many challenges of the tricky, but exciting currents, reaching our destination, camping out overnight, cooking our own meals, enjoying the stark intimacy of a summer sky, and then continuing the next day on to our destination, then back to Camp Ranger to rest our weary, a contented bones.
Our very popular bowling, horseback riding, and roller skating activities.
Our unique and superior dramatic program, which this year included "MAME," "MARY POPPINS," "WEST SIDE STORY," "PAJAMA GAME," and the great and memorable presentation of "GREASE," which ended with a standing ovation from all of the camp. An exciting night when there was a tribute to "BARRY MANILOW" and the exciting and professional "YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN" which pleased and thrilled the whole campus. The exciting GOLD RUSH, the outdoor picnics at BEAVERKILL, OUR ANNUAL CIRCUS AND CARNIVAL, which featured many novel ideas, and bunk concessions for the enjoyment of all of our campers and staff who participated in this enjoyable event. Best of all, our contribution of our annual gift of $500.00 to The UNITED JEWISH APPEAL for the 32nd consecutive year, making a total of $30,000.00 donated by CAMP RANGER to this most worthy cause.
The inter-camp tennis tournaments where our campers played with so much courage and displayed to all the results of hard work, great instruction and wonderful integrity. The professional athletes who graced our beautiful campus this summer, such as ED KRANEPOOL of baseball, RON BEHAGEN of basketball and GARY ETHERINGTON of soccer. The startling COLOR WAR break which involved the NEW YORK MET player ED KRANEPOOL, when he bounced a line drive right off the front of the camp truck and the thrilling COLOR WAR which followed where all of our talents, skills and energy were put to the test, continuing with fine athletic and cultural activities, embracing all of our camp events and ending with a great sing, and a presentation of 4 new plaques which now adorn the walls of our beautiful dining room!!!
The relaxed and slow paced LAZY DAY which followed our COLOR WAR and came at the right moment - LATE BREAKFAST in pajamas, BUFFET STYLE, and no bunk inspection until lunchtime...that's the way to live!!!
Our gustatory treats ... weekly outdoor barbecues and lawn suppers plus the many "SUNDAE ON A SUNDAY" ice cream treats.
Those great and exciting trips to the ORANGEBURG FAIR!!!
Our final PROMS featuring a terrific live band ... dancing on our lawn under the brilliant and starry sky until after curfew. (We promised not to tell your parents how late you stayed up).
The exciting and entertaining "ANNOUNCEMENT OF AWARDS" and "RANGER MEMORY NIGHT" which combined the best of our shows with the thrills of hearing who won the plaques and trophies of the year, a most exciting evening activity for all!!!
And lastly, our final "BANQUET NIGHT" followed by the "CANDLELIGHT CEREMONY" at both waterfronts and then back to each campus for the burning of the 1978 numerals amidst tears or joy and sadness and vowing to return to Camp Ranger for another summer of friendship, fun and complete happiness!!!
We hope that you enjoyed this trip down MEMORY LANE as much as we did!!!