Covering your head with your blanket at night to keep the bats from landing in your hair

Singing "You've Got A Friend" for tryouts for shows

Hearing Bette Sussman sing "Don't Rain On My Parade"

The "RED" fence

Songs like Carly Simon's "That's The Way I Always Heard It Should Be," "Where Is The Love," "Dona, Dona, Dona," "Where Have All The Flowers Gone," "Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream I Ever Dreamed Before," "Brandy"

Heller's Farm - getting fresh peas and fruit at the farm stand

Washing your hair in the lake

Skinny Dipping

Surprise Pizza pies from your counselors

Camp Sisters

Being picked up all the time because you were the smallest kid in camp for a while

The day your trunk left your house for camp

Meeting at the school yard in Harlem

Meeting your counselors and bunk mates for the first time

The Red Apple Rest

The first glimpse of camp through the trees as the buses pulled in front of the canteen

The wash house - which always smelled of shampoo

Salamander hunting after the rain - usually behind Bunk 14 in the area of the big rock

Mail Call - or returning from general swim and finding your mail at the end of your bed

Getting paged over the loud speaker because you had a phone call

Going to the Main Office to call home


Care packages from home containing Fizzies

Visiting the guest house on special occasions to watch TV (black & white)

Cokes in bottles

The "march" that we (boys) sang on our way into the dining room with Pete Dodge's Red Caballeros
Caballeros we march along
with our head held high to the sky,
Marching onward until the end,
until victory is in sight.