Outdoor movies on the Guest Lawn

Cheering in the Rec Hall

The Apache Relay

Finding the hatchet

Brother and sister visiting on Friday nights

Saturday morning services

Dancing on the basketball court to the instrumental of Stepping Out (with the scratchy section)

The bugle calls

The war canoe

Tuna fish sandwiches brought to you on OD

Being a Color War General


Tribal Totem Poles

"Colored Indian here's our wish, we dont' want the ...tuna fish."

Cosmo the photographer
Bunk pictures
The camp picture taken on the guest lawn

A Telephone Pass in the shape of a phone handle

Remember when the girl's waterfront was renamed "Hubba Ding" at the first campfire?

Getting the announcement over the PA that you had visitors under the Maple tree

The Prefabs

Laundry day and those big orange laundry bags
Getting your underwear back ironed and starched.
Getting boys underwear back.

Job wheel: First sweep, second sweep, porch lines and grounds.

(From a Razz- "I'm a-walking in the rain, Cause I've got porch, lines and grounds again."

Ha,Ha,Ha, 2, 3, 4. He,He,He 2, 3 4)

"A quarter to two, Tante's called a quickie, so what could we do. It seems we've stood and talked like this before, before, before..."

Ranger Cup Tennis
(personal memory [Charlotte Feigenbaum Spector]--the year I was captain of the winning team they gave trophies instead of those painted personalized raquet covers. I remember feeling cheated)

Option period

Coupon books for ice cream on Tues and Thursday. Weren't they 5 and 10 cent tickets. How many times did Aunt Jean trust us for it till the next day?

Calling Aunt Jean in the dining room for her chocolate syrup dispenser.

"Attention Girl's camp: Will one CIT please go to the office to get the mail?"

And then at the next meal "Oh, (fill in girl's name) got a letter, a letter, a letter, etc.

Sealing wax (why was that a big thrill to put on letters?)

S-E-N-I-O-R-S. Seniors are the very best.